Tuesday Twitter Trivia – DMX Address Count

Light BeamAs I missed last weeks Tuesday Twitter Trivia due to just plan forgetting about it, I thought I would come back with an easy question this week.  Well, rather then it being a trivia question, it is more like a quest.  A quest to find the answer.

We all know that moving lights and multi-parted devices are taking up more and more DMX address to operate.  With the introduction of LED fixtures and LED matrices, DMX addresses just keep getting eaten up.  So this weeks Tuesday Twitter Trivia question is:

What single device uses the most DMX address to operate? Please give a Specific manufacture and product name.

There is no definitive correct answer to this weeks question.  More of, what do you think.  Rather then Direct Messaging me your response, leave it in the comments section of this article so everyone can benefit.

Have a Happy and Safe Holidays and New Year everyone!