Tuesday Twitter Trivia – Texas Winner

Cowboy HardhatWe just heard back from our winner of this weeks Tuesday Twitter Trivia about Which Texas rep introduced the bill about requiring Lighting Designers to be licensed.

This weeks winner is Nik Robalino.  Nik was the first in with the correct answer, Texas Rep, Wayne Smith from District 128 or Harris County that introduced Texas House Bill 2649 .

Jimonlight and many others from Texas did a great job covering this and making sure the word got out about what Texas was trying to do.  With their help, the lighting community worked together and let the Texas Legislature know that the bill just will not work. It just shows how close knit a community the lighting world is.

Nik won my faithful Cowboy Hardhat back from my tour days. Wear it well! You can follow Nik on twitter @Nikgwolf.