Tuesday Twitter Trivia Winner – The HPL Lamp

HPL 575 LampThis weeks Tuesday Twitter Trivia question was about the HPL lamp.  You know that lamp that goes into the Source Four and can use a couple of different wattage versions of the HPL Lamp.  At first reading the question, it may seem easy enough right?  Well, there was a slight curve ball in the question. let’s see it again…

Since the HPL lamp is a “non-ANSI” code lamp, what does the term HPL stand for AND what wattage is the HPL lamp available in?

It was a two part question, the first half is a little easy.  HPL stands for High Performance Lamp. But what about the second half of the question. The standard lamps used in a Source Four are 575w and 750w. In some cases, lighting folks like to lamp the Source Four even further down to 375w.  Here is the curve ball part, did you know that there is an HPL 550w lamp?  The HPL 550w lamp is a 77v lamp that can only be used with ETC’s Dimmer Doubling.

We had a couple of responses with 150w.  Technically the Source Four can take a 150w CDM lamp for the HID version of the Source Four.  But looking back over the question, we are asking about the HPL lamp and not what wattage the Source Four takes.  Since the CDM 150w lamp is not a tungsten lamp and does not fall under the HPL designation, it should not be included as part of the response to our question. There were a couple of you out there trying to pull one over on us, but not so fast! ;)

This weeks winner is Eric Boxer who had answered the question with the correct name and all of the correct lamp wattage first. Congratulations Eric, look for an email from us!  You can follow Eric via twitter @eboxhead. Thank you to everyone for playing this week and for reading iSquint.net.