Up Close and Personal with the grandMA2 with Series 2 Software

We had a chance to get a close up view of the grandMA2 full size running series 2 software the other day.  The grandMA2 consoles have already begun to ship.  But series 2 software is still in the works.  While it is very close to being released, the new software is hoping to be released later this year or early next year.

We had a chance to sit down and take a look at the new desk with a version of the new software. There are some pretty sexy new things on the grandMA2 such as the multi-touch display for mixing and shaping a fixture, the ability to run series 1 or series 2 software and of course, the 30 motorized faders. Our favorite change on the console is the enter button.  While the button still operates as normal, the label has changed from Enter to Please, so the syntax is even closer to English or what what you might hear over the headset, “Give me Channel 1 at 50 Please”. That is German engineering for you!

Here are just a couple of photos and a quick video that we put together on the grandMA2 Full Size with Series 2 software.