Update: ETC’s New Console Spotted in the Wild

etc_new_console_spy.pngThe rumors are true, ETC is set to launch a new console at USITT. In a recent Press Release from ETC, they will be, announcing a new console this month at the USITT Stage Expo in Cincinnati on March 19.

Details are still a little vague as the folks in Middleton have been tight lipped about anything to do about the new console. In the afore mentioned Press Release that ETC sent out today, they hint more about the New Console.

Getting back to lighting-control basics, but with cutting-edge innovation, ETC will reveal the newest console in the award-winning Eos® family. Designed for modest rigs dominated by conventional lights and a need for more hands-on fader control, this new board contains a roster of lighting-control fundamentals. Channel faders, submasters, cue lists, effects, plus control of devices like motorized accessories for conventional lights, LEDs and small numbers of moving lights – all the right, user-friendly tools for smaller venues such as schools relying on single board operators and volunteer staffs.

What we have learned is the the console is based on the Ion operating system, but has the look and feel of the discontinued Express console. Judging from the spy photo we received from an anonymous source deep in the underground of Middleton, the new console does mirror the Express console. What is interesting to note is the lack of encoders and LCD panel that is found on the Ion console. Since the new console is based on the Ion operating system, the moving light attributes must be handled by on screen controls.