What’s on Your iPhone?

We all love out little friend the iPhone and iPod touch.  Why, because it makes our lives so much easier… sometimes! When Apple opened up third Party applications on the iPhone, our favorite personal communicator became even more powerful and useful in the entertainment industry.  Lighting applications started to show up quick and have been increasing in numbers over time. Not only can our little friend help us calculate DMX dips switches now, it has the ability to talk to some of the major lighting lighting consoles out there such as the ETC line of consoles, the grandMA and Whole Hog but it can also act as a lighting console over an artnet system with Luminare.

In our world, the iPhone has also given us, iSquint, the ability to bring you more information with connecting to our server and writing post, keeping track of friends over twitter with Twitterrific and site info with Analytics.  Then of course there is the down time with playing any number of games we have installed.

So our question is, What is on your iPhone/iPod Touch?

We have started the iSquint Flickr Pool – What’s on Your iPhone, where you can upload screen grabs like the one we have done and put notes on the image within Flickr to help illustrate what apps you have. Visit Flickr.com to see our notes on our iPhone screen grab.

Don’t know how to do a screen grab on your iPhone, HowTo Screen Grab on an iPhone via Gizmodo.  Then use an image app like photoshop to bring all of the images together.