Wybron Takin’ It To The Streets

mobileeviteallHave you ever wanted to see a product up close and personal and cannot make it to a show or product demo? Wybon has just announced the Wybron Mobile Showroom is Takin’ it to the Streets road show.

More From the Press Release:

The world of professional lighting is, all told, a relatively small one, with most technicians and designers, manufacturers and dealers running in the same tiny circles. This is of no uncertain benefit in most regards, but the same familiarity that ensures that John A. from Company X will run into Tom B. from Company Y at this year’s trade shows can also breed insularity, creating a rift between those deeply in the business and those outside of it.

“The challenge of this industry is to actually get information to the people who will benefit from it,” said Wybron, Inc. CEO Keny Whitright. “A trade show is terrific, sure, but you’re often lacking time to connect with all the folks you would like to.”

Enter the Wybron Mobile Showroom, a custom-built, state-of-the-art enclosure which hits the road for its first leg of stops beginning the first week of October 2009. While in the San Antonio, Houston and Dallas areas, the Mobile Showroom will provide hands-on demonstration of Wybron offerings and an opportunity for tête-à-tête with lighting professionals, including their local dealers. Most importantly, however, the Mobile Showroom offers education on the general theory behind and mechanics of professional lighting to an audience who may be unfamiliar with either or both.

“The educational component is an important one,” said Whitright. “You often see misuse or just plain overkill of lighting in churches or schools, and we want to provide some perspective for people in those markets.”

The Mobile Showroom’s Texas dates are the first of nearly two years of planned stops across North America, with the next being the Washington, D.C. and southern New Jersey areas.

Current Schedule is:

  • 10/5: San Antonio TX – Texas Senic
  • 10/6: Houston TX – Barbizon
  • 10/7: Houston TX – Stagelight
  • 10/8: Dallas TX – PRG
  • 10/9: Dallas TX – Barbizon

For more information, contact Dusty Hudgins at 719-548-9774.