2010 Secret Santa Present Exchange

It’s the holiday season!!! Let’s start a new tradition this year, a Secret Santa Present Exchange for lampies/squints!  We are going to keep it simple this year, only $5 can be sent on a present.  Just enough to show a fellow lighting guru some love this holiday season.

If you want to be apart of the Secret Santa Present exchange, shot an email to secretsanta@isquint.net with your name, country of origin and email address.  Hurry and get your email in before Tuesday, December 14th. First thing Wednesday, December 15th, I’ll be emailing everyone who they are a Secret Santa for.  That will give you the rest of the week to make/get a special little something for your person.

I highly encourage the home made present as everyone loves to receive something with some special care put behind the present and made especially for them. I personally LOVE getting handmade cards as I know that person was thinking of me and made it just for me.

I will try to keep everyone to the same country as best possible as sending something across country boarders is a little expensive. As with all personal and sensitive information, it will never be shared across other sites or sold to mailing list.  Your information will only be shared with your Secret Santa and that is it!

Let’s make this a special holiday for everyone! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!