Chauvet Introduces SparkliteLED Drape

Oh stary stary night… Yeah, I shouldn’t be singing… Looking to add a stary night scape to your next show?  Chauvet Lighting recently announced the release of their SparkliteLED Drape.  The new SparkliteLED Drape is similar to star back drops that you are use to using with either fiberglass or christmas tree lights poked through the curtain.  The SparkliteLED Drape is also very different from the afore mentioned star drops as well.

As you can guess from the name of the curtain, the SparkliteLED Drape uses LEDs within the curtain to give you twinkling stars. The drape uses 1/4 watt, 5mm tri-color LEDs. A section of drape, 20′ x 13′ holds 128 LEDs fitted into eight distinct controllable zones.

Just like a fiber star drape, the SparkliteLED drape requires a controller to operate the LEDs to control color, strobing and brightness across the different zones and sections.

For more information on Chauvet’s SparkliteLED Drape, visit their web site at