Chroma-Q Color Force LED Batten Fixture

Here is something that I have been meaning to write up about since USITT, the Chroma-Q Color Force. Coming up to the AC Lighting booth at USITT, I was curious to see what was hidden in their 20′ high curtains.  It was Chroma-Q’s latest product, the Color Force LED Batten fixture.

After watching the Color Force cycle through a couple of colors, I was hooked, I had to learn more.  That is when I was approached by Fred from AC Lighting.  “I’ll bet you $100 dollars that you will be in awe after the fixture demo.”  How could I pass this chance to win a $100 dollars? Even if I was amazed, I took acting 101 in college, I bet I could hide me amazement. Yeah, after 2 minutes, I clearly lost the bet and my face showed it.  I guess it was a good thing I didn’t become an actor! Comparing the Color Force to a 1000 watt cyc light, the cyc light clearly lost.  Not only in coverage, but output and color accuracy. Ask me, I think the bet was rigged some how, but still worth it.

There are two versions of the Color Force as of right now, the 48 and 72.  As you can guess, the numbers tell how long each fixture is in inches. Each fixture is made up of 6″ “cells” that contain 24 RGBA LEDs with lumen output of 8,00o for the 48 and 12,000 for the 72 and a CRI rating of 92. The LEDs lamp hour rating is expected to last up to 25,000 hours.  The fixtures have a range of 100-240v AC input with a max power consumption of 480w for the 48 and 720w for the 72 and offer a PowerCon pass in/through. All and all, the numbers add up to make an impressive fixture.

I shot some video of the Color Force in action, but due to my crappy camera skills that day, the video just does not do the fixture justice!  You have to see this thing in person.  For more information on the Color Force, visit Chroma-Q’s web site at  If you are in the states, make sure to talk to AC Lighting about when a demo of the Color Force will be in your neck of the woods.