Chromlech JARAG PAR 30

Chromlech JARAG 20At the end of 2009, I called on the lighting community to choose their pick for the most innovative lighting product introduced that year.  Something that I have personally never heard of was mentioned over at, the JARAG 30. ControlBooth user, Jereon mentioned a French Company, Chromlech and their Par30 fixture, the JARAG 30.

What is crazy unique about this fixture is that is 25, 72watt Par 30 lamps for a total of 1800 watts of power.  Inside the fixture are all of the electronics and dimmers to individual control each of the lamps.  All that is required is a direct power feed and DMX in to control the fixture.

Now, why would we need individual control of each of the lamps?  You can use the JARAG as a Matrix fixture to display low resolution effects and images with a tungsten fixture! You can combine JARAG units together to create larger pixel matrix for sweeping effects and other design elements.  Just take a look at the YouTube video of the JARAG in action.

I have not been able to locate a price on the JARAG, but to learn more, visit Chromlech’s website at Don’t fear, they do have an English page.