Coming Soon: Cygnus 100w Wash

Cygnus 100W WashThere’s a new Cygnus in town.  Wybron is updating the line with the Cygnus 100W Wash.  If the production schedule holds true, they should be available late this year, but keep your fingers crossed. Here are the preliminary specs:

Just like its big brother the Cygnus 100W has RGBW LED’s with in-lens color mixing.  That means no (or very little) tri-color shadow. The CRI can go as high as 92.  Weighing in at 8lb, its a lightweight for the punch. The Cygnus 100W can be hung on 12in centers.  It also features the same 5-pin DMX/RDM as the rest of the Wybron family. Input power is rated at 105W peak with an output of 2630 lumens.  LED life is rated to 60,000 hours and the units do come with universal power supplies.  The Cygnus line also features a front mounting accessory slot for the addition of beam shaping lenses.

All in all the Cygnus 100W looks to be an excellent sibling to the Cygnus 200W and rounds out the family nicely.