Elation Announces New Architectural Accu SSL LED Replacement Lamps

accu ssl series 2010 modelsElation has been producing a whole bunch of LED lamps lately and it looks like there is no stopping them with the latest announcement.  Elation just announced the release of the new Accu SSL Series of LED replacement LED lamps for use in architectural fixtures.

There are three new lamp styles with in the new Accu SSL series, an MR16 bi-pin, an A19 Medium Screw base and a Par30 medium screw base.

More from the Press Release on the specifics of each of the lamps:

The Accu SSL MR16 is a 4-watt (4.5W Maximum) standard size MR16 GU5.3 bi-pin base LED Lamp that uses 3 x high-power Nichia LEDs. Available in 2,700k and 5,000k color temperature models with a 25° beam angle, the Accu SSL MR16 is capable of providing luminance comparable to a 25-watt traditional halogen lamp at approximately 12% of the power consumption.

The Accu SSL A19 is a dimmable medium screw base 7-watt LED lamp using 5 x high-power Nichia or Cree LEDs, which provides a very warm 2,700k color temperature. Dimmable from most standard 120v AC dimmers, the Accu SSL A19 is designed to replace standard halogen lamps up to 40-watts in a variety of applications.

Based on the latest XLamp LED technology from CREE, Inc., the new Accu SSL Par 30 12-watt LED lamp is capable of providing luminance equivalent to a 75-watt traditional halogen lamp at approximately 17% of the power consumption.

A high-power dimmable solid state solution, the new Accu SSL Par 30 LED is available in soft white (2,700k), warm white (3,000K), neutral white (4,000k) and cool white (5,000k) with spot or flood options for each. Featuring 6pcs of Cree XLamp® XRE Series LEDs inside each lamp and an optimized optical lens system, the lamp provides a powerful yet smooth light transmission.

Designed for use in general lighting applications including recessed downlights, track lighting, spotlighting or direct lighting in both commercial and residential applications, the Accu SSL Series has RoHS design and UL, CE, and FCC approval ratings. Energy Star approvals will be applied for later in 2010, now that the new standards from the DOE have been published.  It is Elation Architectural’s  goal to meet or exceed these standards with these and future Accu SSL models coming in 2010, which will include Accu SSL Par20, Par 38, GU10, and E14 (candelabra) LED lamp models.

The retail price on the MR16 lamps is $39.95, the A19 lamps retails for $49.95 and the Par30 lamp retails for $99.95. All of these lamps carry Elation’s Three-Year Warranty. For more information on the Elation Accu SSL LED Replacement Lamps, visit www.elationlighting.com.