Elation Introduces LED Dummy

“Lights out: is supposed to mean just that lights out. Unfortunately, as anyone who’s ever worked with dimmer packs and LED fixtures knows, there can be an afterglow that keeps radiating small amounts of light even after the dimmer has been turned off.

Well, now “out” can really mean out and “off” can really mean off, thanks to the new Elation LED Dummy, a simple, but effective load device that makes afterglows go away! The Elation LED Dummy plugs into a dimmer pack and completely absorbs its load, so the LEDs aren’t fed the traces of power to keep the faint glow of light alive.

Designed for triac control circuits, the LED Dummy uses a standard Edison socket and plug. The device consumes very little power and measures only 50.5 by 36 by 38 mm.


  • High performance load device designed for LED fixtures
  • Designed for triac control circuits
  • Plugs inline to the output of power and dimmer packs
  • Standards Edison socket and plug for power transmission
  • Low power consumption

Learn more about the Elation LED Dummy by visiting their website at www.elationlighting.com.