ESTA Technical Standards Program CPWG:Wiki

Keeping track of industry standards and the development stages of a protocol can be pretty challenging.  Especially when our industry has SO MANY unique and individualize standards. John Huntington, the blogger/writer of felt the same way.  It is mind numbing trying to keep track of all the standards and their progress.

John just happens to be apart of the ESTA’s Control Protocol Working Group, (CPWG).  He recognized that is was a little difficult to keep track the progress of the standards and helped create a wiki site for not only the members of the group to see where any given standard is, but for the rest of the industry too!

John made it clear  that the wiki is not to replace the minutes, but to give a summary which is a bit easy to read and review.  Check out the new CPWG: Wiki at Thanks John for your hard work in putting this together!