ETC Releases Eos Family OS/Client/Offline Software V1.9

I was looking to download some client software from ETC’s web site,, today to work offline on a show when low and behold, Eos Family Software 1.9 is up and available for download!  That’s right everyone, head over to the Eos Family download page to update your Eos/Ion/Elemnt OS along with you RPU, RVI, Client and Offline editor software.

REMEMBER, all network devices on the network HAVE to be on the same version of software to connect properly.  So just download them all to be safe!

One of the HUGE key enhancements of version 1.9 is that the client software on a Mac now runs NATIVE as a client to the consoles.  YEAH, no more boot camp for that!  Also, on the Ion, the swap button is now known as the tab button.  Just like it’s big brother/sister, the Ion has tabs. Also included in the Ion, query and snapshots work.  There are plenty of other updates and bug fixes which you can read from the release notes. Also included across the entire family of consoles, ETC has updated the fixture library with over 730 new fixture templates.

So what are you waiting for, update those consoles people!