ETC Training to Become First ETCP-Recognized Electrical Training Program

If you are an certified technician through ESTA ETCP, there is good news for you.  You have another way to earn credits towards your certification as well as increase your knowladge from ETC.

The non-profit trade association ESTA is the steward for the entertainment services and technology industry in North America, setting technical standards and protocols. One of ESTA’s initiatives, the Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) created a program that provides rigorous assessments for professional riggers and entertainment electricians.

Once certified, technicians maintain their standing by accumulating 40 renewal credits or retaking the ETCP exam every five years. At least ten of these renewal credits must include training or professional development. Now, electrical and rigging courses are available through ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.), the first lighting manufacturer whose electrical training program has qualified as an ETCP Recognized Training Program for continuing education credit.

On January 11th of this year, the ETCP Certification Council announced that ETC’s application had been approved, confirming ETC as the first lighting manufacturer, and one of a handful of rigging manufacturers, to have courses recognized by ETCP.

For more information, visit ESTA ETCP webpage at