Fred Foster and the History of ETC Consoles at USITT

The history lessons just don’t stop when you are on a roll!  During USITT in Kansas City, Fred Foster, CEO of Electronic Theatre Controls happen to be wondering around the 50 years of Lighting Display by the USITT Lighting Commission.  Mr. Foster was kind enough to take some time out and walk us through a little bit of ETC’s console history.

These are the times that I really love what I am doing here.  How often do you get a chance to hear about how something was developed or the history of a company directly from the source?  Rather then hogging this memory to myself, I cranked out the Flip and got him on camera to share with you. I have to do it… Thank you again to the USITT Lighting Commission. A most EXCELLENT job!


Thanks everyone for letting me know about the video not playing.  I just fixed it so enjoy Mr. Foster’s history lesson!