Fresh Perspective on LDI 2010

Think back to the first time you were at an LDI conference. Chances are you make it to the show almost every year nowadays, and have probably forgotten the magic you felt the first time you hit the trade show floor. It’s doubtful you remember that first amazing product an exhibitor demoed for you in their booth. At the same time, it’s unlikely you have forgotten the desperate sales spiel from the guy who needed to move 30 pallets of confetti. Either way, it’s probably an experience you take for granted every year.

This just happens my first LDI as a visitor/exhibitor, and I was hoping to share some of the magic I’ve experienced over the past 24 hours.  First and foremost is the ability to finally meet all of the amazing industry people I’ve gotten to know through online social networks. If you think @iSquint or @jimonlight is fun to read in your Twitter feed, you should meet these guys in person. I’m not blowing smoke; they are truly remarkable individuals who care so deeply about this industry and the next generation of professionals making their way through the ranks.

As an exhibitor, I get to see the trade show floor from a completely different side.  I watched crates and road cases turn into the amazing works of art that companies display their hottest new products and entertain clients in.  Exhibitors also have the opportunity to meet and form long lasting relationships with potential customers and clients. It’s really a unique opportunity.  Even though the word “sales” is printed on my badge, I’m really just there to listen.  If I speak more than 30% of the time, I’m hogging the conversation.

As you walk through the trade show and talk to the exhibitors, try to remember the first time you went to LDI.  Hopefully you are still able to enjoy it as much as the first time you picked up your floor credentials.