Get a Front Row Seat on Broadway Everytime – Theatre For One

If you have been to Times Square in New York City, you may be accustomed to seeing such crazy things as a cowboy in underwear playing a guitar and Criss Angel stuck in an glass cube filled with cement. Some pretty strange and crazy things got on in that city and I love it!

I got a pretty unique email from a good friend, Michael Eddy about a new “theatre” coming to Times Square, Theatre For One. It is a “Unique Performance Space to Offer Private Theatre Experience in Times Square”. Acclaimed Broadway set designer Christine Jones designed and produced a four foot by nine foot portable theatre with one performer playing to one audience member.

What has me interested about this project is the tech spec’s about the “performance space”. From the Press Release:

Theatre for One may be very small, but it is fully operational with computer controlled lights and sound, stage and audience doors and solid sliding “curtain” in a proscenium to start and end the performances.  A stage manager runs the show while a house manager guides the guests into the red velvet interior which includes an actual peep booth seat.

Theatre For One opens it door on May 14, 2010 and goes to May 23, 2010 in Times Square. There are no tickets, Theatre For One is available to anyone on a first-come, first-served basis.  I just wish that the show would be extended by a couple of days.  It closes the day before I head up to New York for the BLMC! :( you can follow all of the happenings of Theatre For One on their web site, or on their twitter feed, @TheatreForOne.

Thanks Michael!