Goboman.com Acquires a Laser Cutting System For Custom Gobos

GoboMan has recently acquired a laser cutting system for manufacturing custom Gobos. This investment in a sophisticated laser cutting system enables GoboMan to produce high quality and highly accurate laser cut custom gobo with a short turn around. “GoboMan is now in a position to offer an economical alternative on custom Gobos to theatrical dealers and production companies who previously had only a couple of sources to buy from to get custom gobos” said Steve Hoffman president of GoboMan.

GoboMan operates its new laser system in Temecula, CA, and is creating much needed jobs in the local area.”Because the new laser system is safe to operate and has a very low power consumption, it will make it possible to open future offices duplicating the same fast delivery and high quality as we offer here ” adds Hoffman.

Learn more about Goboman by visiting their website at www.goboman.com