Gordan Pearlman Explains the Kliegl Performer at USITT 2010

One of the most exciting and well attended booths at USITT was the USITT Lighting Commission’s, 50 years of lighting display, or better known as the lighting museum.  Joshua Williamson, Todd Proffitt, Tracey Fitch, Andrea Bilkey and Jennifer Griffin put in countless hours to pull all this together for us. One of the most exciting times of the show was seeing industry legends talk about their involvement and history with the different consoles that were on display.

The first of these history lessons comes from Mr. Gordan Pearlman.  He was one of the two people behind developing the Kliegl Performer Lighting Console. It was amazing to watch these industry legends talk and reminisce about these consoles and retell some of the stories about how their consoles came to life.