Love the PRG V676? You’ll Love it’s Little Brother, the V476

Pick your jaw off your desk and stop drooling… Well, atleast long enough to read about it. Then commence the drooling.

PRG will be debuting the new V476® control console which provides the same powerful, flexible control of the V676® control console in a smaller size hardware package with all the same programming capacities and capabilities. It is 2/3 the size of the V676 which allows it to be used in spaces that would prove too tight for the larger console. The V476 still offers programmers extraordinary speed, both in programming and responsiveness, as well as innovative interface advancements both in hardware layout and software design. V476 has intuitive features that quickly and easily handle the ever-expanding scope of equipment to be controlled while acknowledging the ever-decreasing time to program it all. It features three onboard touch screen monitors, one external touch screen and the external Channel Select panel. The encoder and fader counts remain the same between the two models as well as all capacities and capabilities. V476 provides a sophisticated and powerful software platform that is reliable and extremely user friendly. Expanding on performance tested development of programming and playback platforms to provide state of the art in control and functionality. Using an integrated Apple® Mac Mini as the processor unit means V476 takes advantage of superb graphics, faster processing, and can be efficiently updated. The V476 is optimized for an array of work environments with backlit buttons, low profile displays and off-axis viewing. V476’s cutting-edge software, sleek hardware, new graphical user interface and host of features make it the perfect control console for both lighting and media in a compact package.