Martin Releases v2.80 for M1, M-PC & Maxxyz Desk AND Expands M1 to 16 Universes

This is what I love about lighting desk as of late.  You want a new feature or more capabilities, just wait for the next FREE software update!  Since most desk these days are computer passed, getting new features on your desk of choice is as simple as running an update.  Martin Professional is a prime example of that with the release of version 2.80 for the M1, M-PC and Maxxyz desk.

Here is more from Martin:

By adding a host of new features, including full RDM support and introducing a new DMX licensing system, version 2.8 software for Martin’s M1, M-PC and Maxxyz lighting consoles is a milestone release that further enhances the value of Martin’s professional controller line for its rapidly growing user base.

Over the past year, Martin has positioned its controller systems as a feature-packed, powerful, but affordable solution in the professional lighting market by offering attractive solutions without compromising the usability and quality of the hardware.

RDM Support
Martin continues its company-wide support of the RDM standard by adding a comprehensive RDM control system to its controllers. Users can now monitor RDM-enabled fixtures connected to a Martin console either directly inside the software or remotely from a website hosted inside the console. This features the ability to download status reports across the Internet, showing real world usability of RDM and adding real value for the customer. RDM is supported over the integrated DMX ports and over Artnet.

DMX Remote Input and Capture
It is now possible to receive up to 16 Universes of DMX input for remote control of cues, fixture levels or simply to manage HTP and LTP merging of an additional lighting desk into the system. 16 Universes can also be captured into the console programmer to read out cues from existing shows into the console. The comprehensive DMX Input feature set allows Martin’s controllers to stay at the heart of the DMX system while having full control over the merging behavior.

A new innovative feature is the ability to “peek” at any screen view. Holding down a screen-view button for more than two seconds automatically enters the Quick-Peek function. The view reverts to the original one once the button is released, allowing for quick glances at information on the desk while reducing unnecessary button presses.

Customizable Function Keys
Martin controllers are known for their elegant and uncluttered hardware surfaces. To enhance fast access to often used functionality, all consoles offer a variety of F-Keys which now have a newly designed management system for fast configuration by the operator. Functions include Group and Preset selects, console locking, semitransparent onscreen keyboard, and many more useful options right at a user’s fingertips.

Martin One-Key DMX Licensing
With Version 2.80, the Martin M1 console increases its DMX support from 12 to 16 Universes. Additional Universes to the 4 included in the standard package of the desk can be added by purchasing a license package, connecting Martin’s Ether2DMX8 devices or by connecting a Martin One-Key with an M-PC license. More Universes are simply added dynamically as soon as the additional license is seen by the M1 console. This allows Martin M1 programmers to bring their own Martin One-Key and unlock any M1 console immediately for their shows, independent of the DMX Universes activated in the console.

Version 2.80 also increases existing Maxxyz PC and M-PC systems to 64 Universes from 32, and includes balanced multi-threaded DMX processing for modern multi-core CPUs. Version 2.80 software is available at