Matthews Studio Introduces New Grip Equipment – NAB2010

Matthews Hot FlagI stopped the Matthews Studio Equipment booth at NAB.  Matthews always has some new and neat grip equipment to solve any gaffers problems.  This year was no disappointment.  My favorite sales rep Pam Hoffman showed me around the booth and all the cool new stuff. The first one being the Hot Flags. Matthews has a patent on a new type of fabric that with stand the extremely hot temperatures of HMI lights on the fabric even at close range. Matthews put together a great little video comparing the new Hot Flag to a standard Metal Flag.

Matthews CT OverheadsNext up was something that was hard to miss in Matthews booth, the CT overheads.  Matthews has a new set of overheads that not only diffuse light coming through, but also adjust the color temperature of the light based on which overhead you are using.  You have a choice between a 3200k and a 5600k with a grid cloth or standard diffusion. You also have a number of options is sizing as well.

nab2010-matthews-0004If you have ever worked with a matthellini, you always wish there was a long version then 3″.  In steps the Extendallini.  Matthews has made something that is so simple, it boggles the mind that no one has thought about this before.  Rather then making longer and longer Matthellini’s, Matthews has created an 112″ extension rode for their center jaw matthellini’s.  You can add as many Extendallini’s you want together to get that center jaw where ever you want.  Matthews put together another great video showing the 101 ways to use an Extendallini. If you watch any video’s today, make sure this is one of them, I can not stop laughing!

nab2010-matthews-0007Last, but certainly not least, is Matthews MicropGrip equipment.  Matthews has their Oversized grip equipment at 4.5″, the standard sized grip equipment at 2.5″ and there MiniGrip Equipment.  It looks like Matthews is not making grip equipment for Smurf’s!  Make sense since their is a Smurf’s movie on the way.  Just Kidding Matthews! They designed an even small grip equipment, the MicroGrip for smaller cameras for mounting in tight places and on car’s.  My favorite part of the MicroGrip series is the new MicroSand bag and the standard Matthews Roach Clip. Matthews put together yet another great video explaining the MicroGrip Equipment.

I love Matthews and their grip equipment.  They are always thinking out side of the box and looking for simpler ways to do things.  To learn more about what Matthews has to offer, visit their web site at Thanks for the demo’s Pam!