NAB 2010 – Done and Gone

That’s it, that is all she wrote for NAB 2010 in Las Vegas.  The show floor closed down about five hours ago and things moved quick to get exhibitors out of the hall.  Some people were done in an hour, others will be there through the weekend with such massive booths to break down.

My time spent on the show floor was a wonderful experience, and a tiring on at that too!  With that show floor expanding across North, Central and South halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center and other off site locations, there was just not enough time in the day to walk the entire show floor. I was mainly stuck to central hall this year as that is where I was doing interviews in the SeaChanger booth along with all most all of the lighting exhibitors being located there as well.  Just walking the Central hall was quite the task, but still so worth it.

If you have any interest on top of lighting in broadcast, production, content creation and acquisition, you really must attend NAB next year!  There are devices from the beginning level all the way up to the HD production and broadcast level.  Seeing as I am still on the beginning level of video and audio acquisition, I was drooling over some of the latest and greats cameras, production equipment and tools. And remeber, this was just things that I saw in central hall! Who knows what I missed in the other halls!

Some of the great lighting products that I saw were mainly LED products.  It seems that everyone is “in the game” now with getting an LED product out on the market. While I would love to go on and on about them right now, I have to prepare for tonights dinner with the great folks at SeaChanger.  During the weekend and going on into next week I will be putting up some video’s I made during my time here at NAB along with more details and info about some of the new products coming to the market.

I also will be putting up some great interviews that I did in the SeaChanger booth with some lighting designers and of course, the SeaChanger Duck. I want to give a HUGE shout out to SeaChanger, especially Beth, Tom and Phil for bringing me to NAB to cover and do interviews on the show floor.  I had a blast here in Vegas and am so grateful for this opportunity! Even though SeaChanger brought me out to NAB, I really think you should look at the Nemo Plasma color mixing fixture.  All signs point to a great and cool fixture!

Make sure to mark your calendar for next years NAB Show, April 9-11 in Las Vegas!

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