NAB2010 – Zylight Introduces Active Diffusion LCD Panel

One of the neatest things that I saw at NAB last week had to be the Active Diffusion from Zylight.  You can dial in any amount of diffusion with the Active Diffusion to soften your low heat lights, such as an LED or Fluorescent light fixture. The Active Diffusion uses Liquid Crystals or LCD screen to make the panel transparent to a diffusion about as dense as Lee Filters 216, White Diffusion gel.  The entire screen runs off a 9 volt battery and comes in three different sizes at the moment.

Since the product is still new and not ready to ship, it has not yet been added to Zylight’s web site,  I was able to get a short video from Charlie Collias from Zylight explaining the Active Diffusion while at NAB.