Need 2 Million Lumens in a Single Source?

This is no joke.  From this single CSR lamp from GE, you are able to get 2,100,00 lumens.  Now pick your jaw up off your desk. GE recently announced the availability of their latest CSR lamp, the CSR24000DE.  It is a 24,000w, double ended CSR lamp for the film and video market. The new lamp features 2,100,000 lumens at a 5,900-Kelvin color temperature. It is compatible with the existing CSR range, offering a small arc gap of 45mm. The color-rendering index is 90-plus with a rated life of 750 hours.

Dadco LLC has developed two new fixtures specially for the new CSR24000DE lamp, the Challenger and the G4 HMI fixtures. Arri has also developed a fixture that can handle this beast of a lamp, the Arri T24 Fresnel.

With this much output, the fixtures do not come cheap, same with the lamp.  With all the fixtures mentioned above, check with your local dealer or rental house for pricing. One quick suggestion, do not look into the fixture when it is on.  Squinting won’t help!