NuDelta Digital Unveils The LogiCue Cue System

The LogiCue System from NuDelta Digital is a theatrical cue light system that is easy to set up and operate.  The LogiCue System is built around the needs and desires of stage managers and technicians.  The system uses standard microphone cable for its connections.  The controller is a compact device with tactile buttons and indicator LEDs.  The cue lights can be configured with several operating modes and six different colors. The cue lights also have a digital readout to indicate their address.  The LogiCue System is made in the USA.

NuDelta Digital is a designer and manufacturer of electronics for the entertainment industry.  The company was founded for the purpose of bringing safe, affordable, and professionally produced products to the performing arts.  
  NuDelta Digital intends to help commercialize ideas and innovations brought forth by people who do not have the technological or financial resources to bring products to market.  NuDelta Digital was founded by Noah Davis, an inventor with a background in lighting and sound for theatre, concert production, and corporate events.

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