Preparing for the Broadway Lighting Master Classes Tomorrow

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be back living in a dorm room, but here I am, all be it that it is only for two nights and how could you not pass up the cheapest room in New York City? I just got into town for the Broadway Lighting Master Classes hosted by Live Design at the NYU Skirball Center for the performing arts. I just unpacked and had a chance to run around the city near Washington Square to check out some of my favorite places in this section of town. I have always loved coming to the city this time of year because the heat wave has not set in yet.

I took some excellent shots of the city in the “afternoon” glow which I am way excited to share, but must wait till later. It is time to clean up and meet up with some of the other BLMC students for a couple of beverages around town.

The BLMC starts bright and early in the morning at 8am with registration opening up and reception breakfast and then right into the first class with Mr. Jules Fisher, An Approach To Stage Lighting at 9am.

Look for coverage of the Broadway Lighting Master Classes all day tomorrow and Wednesday here on iSquint.