The Best Holiday Present – The DodoCase for the iPad

I think I am still in recovery mode from this past weekend.  Let’s just say it was a “festive” time!  I have to write about one of the best presents I received this holiday season, the DodoCase for the iPad. I was actually expecting to get this, but I never give my hope up when it comes to presents. But I am so excited I did get it!

As you might expect, I live and die by my Apple iPad and iPhone as well as my Mac’s.  I find that I use the iPad more and more while out of the office giving demo’s, explaining what I do and showing off my work as well as doing work! Heck, I use it a bunch while in the office and at home too.

With a nice price tag on the iPad, I want to protect it and keep it around for a bit so I have had a couple of cases for the iPad.  All of which have protected the iPad, but just didn’t feel right to me. That is until I found out about the DodoCase.

I have always loved MoleSkine books for writing, drafting and sketching. The look, the feel and the various sizes and kinds of paper choices is awesome.  There is literately a MoleSkine for every application that you can think of. But none for the iPad! In steps Dodocase out of San Fransisco.

Each Dodocase is made by hand by skilled book binders and offer the feel and styling of a MoleSkine case.  There isn’t much to the Dodocase other then the fact that it is a finely crafted case that the iPad “snaps” into.  The wooden frame that the iPad snuggle fits into holds the iPad in place with rubber pads on each of the corners.  The bamboo frame is cut away on the edges allowing for access to the dock connection, speakers, volume controls, silence switch, the sleep button and of course, the head phone jack.

What drew me to the Dodocase… it has to be the fact that the iPad is firmly held in place with out the use of stretchy cords over the corners or slipped into a “pocket” of some sort. Then of course there is the styling that make it look like a Moleskine case complete with the elastic band to hold the cover closed. When the cover is folded back, the Dodocase give the iPad a little bit of lift in the back when in landscape mode, a bit easier when typing.  Then there is the ability to stand the iPad on edge when in landscape mode for watching movies, and added bonus!

All and all, I love the Dodocase.  It is a stylish case that I have been searching for my iPad ever since I got it back on iPad day this year. The inner lining of the Dodocase comes in a couple of color options, I clearly chose orange! Dodocase also make a case for the Kindle 3 as well! If you have an iPad, love Moleskine books, spend the $59.95 USD on a Dodocase, I am positive you’ll love it just as much as I do!

Find out more about the Dodocase for iPad by visiting their web site at Thanks Renee, I LOVE IT!