The New Step for iPhone Lighting Apps

iPhone Lighting Apps - The Next StepYesterday I mentioned yet another lighting iPhone app being released to the market. It just adds to the growing list of lighting iPhone apps already out there. There are quite a few… less expensive iPhone apps that seem to do the exact same thing, just in a different way or with a different look.  I do not want to say that any of the iPhone apps that are out there are worthless or useless.  In fact they all are quite useful in their own way.  That is why I have bought or received codes for almost all of the lighting iPhone apps in the iTunes app store.

I feel that the lighting iPhone app market is becoming saturated with these one trick ponies.  Then there are all of the “remote” apps for major lighting consoles.  I believe that those are quite useful if you own or operate that console.  But where do we go from here in the lighting iPhone app world?  When will there be a revolutionary lighting app that will be different from the rest?

One app developer I think is on the right track.  While I can not mention to much about the app as it is still in development and not ready for release, I can leave you with some hints.  Think about this, how could you add features and functions to the iPhone, like say check if a DMX cable is wire correctly?  Also, think about this, how do manufacturers tend to make additional sales off the original product?

Something is in the works with lighting iPhone apps for us ladies and gentlemen, and from what little I have heard about it, it is going to be pretty sweet!  Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss this!

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