Visual Productions Releases Personality Builder for Cuelux

Visual Productions has released a tool for creating personality files for use within Cuelux. This tool – the ‘Builder’ – is available for Mac OS and Windows and is free for download from Visual Productions web site,

The Builder offers a friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) for creating and editing personality files. Users can amend existing fixtures or start building their own fixtures from scratch. The personality files (sometimes referred to as ‘profiles’) are visualized by a coloured diagram to indicate good data and to highlight typical mistakes when inputting the fixture’s DMX table; like overlapping channels and values. Personality files created with the Builder can be used directly by Cuelux; the Builder also features an upload function to send the newly created file to Visual Productions’ server to be included in the next software release.

With the release of the Builder application Visual Productions is still continuing its free-of-charge service to create personality files on user’s request, however, the Builder is specifically addressing situations where personalities are required outside office hours.