Wybron Releases Gel Swatch Library HD App for iPad

Wybron  is pleased to announce the availability of Gel Swatch Library HD, their first app developed exclusively for the iPad. Gel Swatch Library HD picks up where their popular Gel Swatch app left off, providing a larger, higher-definition platform to choose, compare and organize gel colors for any size project.

Gel Swatch Library HD offers a number of improvements and new features over the original Gel Swatch Library, including a powerful new Projects feature. This allows users to assign gel colors to multiple project folders, create notes for each of those gels, rearrange, add and delete within the folder and then email the entire project as a PDF with color swatches, codes, names and notes intact.

In addition, a color picker now allows users to tap anywhere within HSL color space, with Gel Swatch Library HD producing a list of similar gel colors for the user to browse.

We’ve also expanded our list of Lee dealers to include the entire planet, with location, telephone number, web address and email addresses for Lee filter dealers worldwide.

With these features, plus a more more powerful search, large SED curves in both portrait and landscape views, faster comparison of multiple colors and a lot more, Gel Swatch Library HD will serve as a irreplaceable tool for the industry professional.

Complete list of new features:

  • New HD layout to take advantage of the additional space on the iPad.
  • All 12 similar and all 12 complementary colors are shown simultaneously.
  • Search now has the ability to use filters. Include or exclude manufacturer notes from searches. Choose which manufacturers to include in your search.
  • Projects! Create multiple projects, each with their own project notes. Add gels to a project and then add individual notes for that gel. Rearrange gels to suit the project’s needs. Delete individual gels from a project if you change your mind. Finally, email the entire project including color swatches, names, codes and notes as a PDF file.
  • Large SED curves are now available in both portrait and landscape view. Also, touch anywhere on the graph’s background to move the indicator along the line and see the actual measured data in the legend. If two colors are on the graph at the same time, the delta between the transmission data is automatically calculated and displayed in the legend.
  • A new color picker allows you to dial in a color you like using the HSL color space and then go out and find the nearest similar gels to that color.
  • Dealers for Lee Filters now include all dealers worldwide.
  • When comparing colors, you now stay in the compare mode until you select one of the two colors in the comparison display. This allows for faster comparison of multiple colors.
  • If you were comparing two colors and left the app, the colors are now remembered and brought back up together when you next use the app.
  • Faster startup times compared to the iPhone version.

Wybron’s Gel Swatch Library HD is available now from the Apple app store for $9.99 USD. It is an iPad specific app so it is a separate purchase from the Wybron Gel Swatch Library for the iPhone. To learn more about the iPhone and iPad apps from Wybron, visit their web site at www.wybron.com.