Barco Offers Upgrade Kit for Lamp-Lit Walls to LED Technology

Barco offers an all-in-one technology refresh program to upgrade its lamp-based video walls to its latest series of LED-lit rear-projection video walls, enabling customers to maximize their initial investment in Barco control room visualization technology for critical 24/7 applications. Barco’s video wall upgrade kit enables customers to bring their existing Barco display models up to the latest high-quality standards. By converting existing video walls from a lamp-driven to an LED-powered engine, owners of Barco’s video walls can build on previous investments and achieve enhanced image quality, improved reliability and lower total cost of ownership with minimal effort.

The introduction of the upgrade kits follows the launch of Barco’s new family of LED-lit rear-projection video walls in 2010. Thanks to a liquid cooling system, these new video walls offer up to 80,000 hours of LED lifetime and a brightness level that is 20% higher than any competing system. The new video walls are also equipped with Barco’s proprietary Sense6, a unique auto-calibration technology that ensures brightness and color stability over time and across the entire display, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Barco now has a technology refresh program for three generations of video walls (OV-D2, D1 and p-Si), ensuring customers that an investment in Barco technology will last them many years. Barco’s advanced LED technology is available for display cubes with a 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio and screen sizes up to 80 inch. The DLP-based LED-lit projection systems offer an ergonomically excellent viewing experience, featuring the richest, saturated colors, ranging from XGA (1024×768) to full HD (1920×1080) resolution. Designed for an entirely maintenance-free operation over several years, without any need for consumables, the new video walls are the most efficient and reliable LED video walls for 24/7 applications today.