iOS App: Event Rigging Helper

Do you handle equipment over peoples heads? It can be a tough and exhausting job.  You have a lot information in your head that you need to put together to make sure that rig is safe and secure.

Doing a bit of searching yesterday, I ran across another industry iOS app, Event Rigging Helper.  Plug in some information and it help calculate jumps, bridles, lengths and more.  The app also can keep track of your projects, a library of truss manufacturers, hoist, winches and other assorted equipment a rigger might need info on.

Features include:
•Bridle Length calculator (imperial, metric, ratio)
•Leg tension calculator
•Multiple Project data- notate per show, venue, elements, trim, purpose, point location
•Track show weight: totals per point, per element, per show
•Export data
•Record keeping
•Weight database of typical production elements
•Library of manufacturer’s product spec’s in the likes of truss and motors, shackle, cable, power distribution…
•Rigging education and seminar info…
•Industrial Rope Access info
•Venue data contribution and exchange
•Facebook page for community, discussion and dialog

The Event Rigging Helper App does not come cheap in comparison for most iOS apps. The app cost $19.99 USD through the iTunes App Store.  I am not saying that the app is over priced. What I am saying is if you fell that paying $19.99 for an app that help you save time and money on the job… Then it just might be worth the investment.

REMEMBER: Purchasing and or using this app does NOT make you a rigger. Rigging should be performed under the supervision of experienced and certified professionals.