iSquint Podcast: Episode 14 – Super Saturday 2011 Keynote By Ken Billington

Episode 15 of the iSquint podcast is part of a three part series from the Stage Seminars Stage Lighting Uper Saturday. It is brought to you in part by Mr. Scott Parker and Sonny Sonnenfeld, the organizers of Super Saturday.

Back on Saturday, January 22nd was the Super Saturday in New York City. I had the pleasure of attending and being allowed to bring you such special content like this. Episode 14 of the iSquint podcast is the keynote address from Super Saturday by Broadway lighting design, Ken Billington.

Mr. Billington talked about how he got started in lighting back in middle school and how his career brought him to Broadway. He also talks about other opportunities to design in the lighting field such as theatrical, opera, architectural and more.

Look for part 2 and 3 of the Super Saturday coverage here on the iSquint podcast during the week.

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