MADRIX to Announce PLEXUS at ProLight + Sound

The MADRIX PLEXUS is a brand new hardware interface from the makers of the LED lighting control software MADRIX. The PLEXUS will be officially presented at Prolight+Sound 2011. The new MADRIX PLEXUS expands the MADRIX product range of hardware interfaces, which already includes the MADRIX NEO and the USBone.

The PLEXUS is mainly a USB 2.0 DMX512 interface. It controls up to 1024 DMX channels per device via DMX512 or Art-Net and works as a stand-alone interface or live controller. It is the first and only interface to offer stand-alone playback of MADRIX light shows and effects. 2x DMX-IN/OUT ports, 1x Ethernet port, 1x Extension port, 1x USB port, and the SD-Card slot make this new device more versatile than any before it.

The PLEXUS hardware is tightly integrated with the MADRIX software. MADRIX allows users to create complex lighting scenes without much difficulty. And the PLEXUS was built around one main feature: MADRIX stand- alone playback. Users are now given a professional and feature-rich tool to configure and run sophisticated, time-controlled light shows without the need for a computer during the show. Additionally, a master-slave sync mode ensures that data is sent out synchronously, also across several DMX universes when multiple devices are connected in one single installation.

The PLEXUS hardware and MADRIX software form a powerful bundle. Best of all, the MADRIX software license for 1024 DMX channels is already included.