New iOS App – Easy Remote…or is it LumiDesk Remote?

Ok, this one is throwing me off a bit.  The OFFICIAL title of the app in the iTunes App Store is Easy Remote, even the icon says Easy Remote.  BUT, when you look at the screen shot of the app, it says LumiDesk Remote.  Personally, I like the name LumiDesk!So which is it?

NOW, here is what the developer has to say about the app:

This little app allows you to trigger scenes and change faders on a wide range of DMX lighting software.

Umm, really, that is it? Can you give us a little more details. You had me at trigger, but how does it connect? I need a little more then just 19 word description. After visiting the Easy Remote Support page… I am even more confused.  The app is developed by Lightingsoft AG, but the website is all about Nicolaudie products, like the STICK Remote and Sunlite Controls.

Wait for it… it gets better. I consider myself pretty tech savey, I can figure this app out, I know DMX, artnet, and networking.  It cannot be that hard to hook this thing up to any DMX lighting desk like it says. Well, I failed, but not due to trying, it is the app, not me.  All I get is No controller available… and a Refresh and Info button.  There is NO WAY to figure this out. Come on, give us a hint. You would think info might hold the key, not true, it listed the copyright info and build date. Well, that was sure fun.

The only thing it has going for it’s self at the moment is it is a free download from the iTunes App Store.  If you can figure out how to get this up and running, I would love to hear it. Right now it is just wasting 1.6 mb on my iPad. This app has potential, but it needs a user manual or at least another sentence about HOW it works. Oh, and it only runs on the iPad…?