New iOS App – Not Dip Switch Calc, But Binary Calculator

I have to start this one off with what the developer wrote on the apps description page, it says it all.

Nothing special but simple and easy to handle.

Did you catch that?  Nothing Special, love it.  Now is the developer just being modest or truthful, you decided.  There really is nothing special about this app. It is just like all of the other Dip Switch apps out there.  The main difference is that it is giving you the “binary” number.

Guess what, that is what we are doing when we address a fixture or device. ;) Funny how that all works out. With the Binary App you can enter a number and it will show you which position the dip switches need to be in, or the reverse, set the dip switches and it will tell you the DMX Binary number.

You can learn more about the Binary Calculator app and purchase it through the iTunes App Store for just $.99 USD.