New iOS App On Its Way: FreeStyler DMX Remote

A new lighting app to hit the iTunes App Store in the next couple of weeks will be the FreeStyler DMX Remote App. You may have heard of the Windows based software title, FreeStyler. The upcoming iOS app will be a companion app to the Windows software and requires version 3.3.2 of FreeStyler.  Get ready for this… the FreeStyler Windows software.. FREE! You can download the FreeStyler Windows software from, and yes, it is in English.

Max Bäumle, the developer of the upcoming iOS app sent me a quick video showing off how the new iOS app works. As you can see from the video below, you have full control of any fixture including the color picker and pan/tilt.  The app also allows you control of blackout, favorite, freeze, groups, sequences and flash buttons through the FreeStyler software.

The FreeStyler App is expected to hit the iTunes App Store in march 2011.  Look for an announcement here on iSquint.