New iOS App: Truck Loader

There is a new and different type of entertainment industry iOS app out there, the Truck Loader app.  If you have ever worked a dock for a touring show, you know that packing a truck is an art form all it’s own.  A correctly packed truck not only ensures that the equipment doesn’t roll around and break, but also can require less trucks on the road.

Truck Loader is a powerful app used for keeping all of your live event gear organized on the truck every night. Anyone who loads hundreds of cases every night knows how frustrating it can be when cases come into the truck in the wrong order. Truck Loader eliminates that problem. Right there in your pocket, your truck pack is ready whenever you need it at a moment’s notice.

Trucks are organized alphabetically and Road Cases are organized by Row number. Tap on the truck name, and there they are: all your Road Cases listed in order by Row and Layer. You can edit the names of the trucks and Road Cases to your liking and then edit the Row and Layer by numbers or letters or combination of numbers and letters for each case. So when load-out comes your cases will end up in the same place each and every night, right where they belong.

The Truck Loader app is a 99 cent app available from the iTunes App Store.  You can learn more about the app by visiting the developers website at