Pathway Introduces Pathport Quattro

Pathway recently introduced their latest networking device/node for the industry, the Pathport Quattro. It is a compact, four-port pathport node which operates off PoE, (Power over Ethernet). It replaces R-Series 2-port nodes.  Four ports for less than twice the price.  Same compact size – two units fit side-by-side in 1RU of space.  PoE operation makes it an ideal choice for truss mount operation.  Uses the same encoder/front panel LCD interface as the Octo – most users won’t need a computer to configure it.


  • Four DMX512 ports, individually configurable
  • IP, subnet mask, port direction, protocol receive/send, basic  patching – and more – all settable from the front panel
  • 8-way DMX routing per port, including priority and merge on a chanel-by-channel basis, available with use of free Pathport Manager 5 configuration software
  • RDM gateway, in conjunction with Pathport Manager 5
  • Simple, reliable firmware upgrade process
  • DMX output speed and signal loss behavior user-set
  • PoE operation, or auxiliary 24VDC input

For more information on the Pathway Pathport Quattro, visit the Pathway website at