Rosco Announces Wedding Gobo Design Website

On what is typically the most romantic day of the year and when most people pop the big question, Rosco announces their brand new Wedding Gobo Design Website.  Perfect planning guys! ;)

Rosco Labs has created a website that allows the “Bridezilla” to design her own custom gobo to project what ever she wants from selections of fonts, wedding themed graphics and borders.  Typically this would have been done either by a dealer or the manufacturer themselves.  Now, the bride to be can visually lay it out, try different things all right from her computer.

After they are done creating the gobo of their dreams for their dream wedding, click create my final design PDF and Rosco walks them through the steps to complete the order with an authorized Rosco dealer and BAM, their name is up in light!

Check out Rosco’s new Wedding Gobo Design Website at