The Poll is OPEN: Vote for Best New Lighting Product of 2010

All of the nominations are in from comments, emails, direct messages, skypes, text messages and even a voice mail! That means the poll is open for voting on the Best New Lighting Product of 2010.  The nominations were put up by you, the readers of iSquint.  Now it is your turn to VOTE on those nominations to pick the Best New Product of 2010.

Voting is open now and will close at midnight on Sunday, January 9th, 2011.  You have all week to make your decision, so no rush. The winner of the Best New Lighting Product of 2010 will be announced first thing Monday, January 10th.

Now, there are only 10 products up on the voting block, there could have been more, but these were the top 10 nominations.  Now, if you strongly feel that a product deserves a vote but is not on the ballet, do a write in and add it to the comment section.  Only one vote person please.

Let the voting BEGIN!

UPDATE: You may have noticed that some pool numbers have changed this morning.  There was some dishonest in voting recently.  I am not blaming any one person, just know that IP address’s never lie and those vot4es have been removed. Thanks everyone, keep voting!

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