Visual Productions to Launch CueCore Solid-State Control

Visual Productions is preparing to launch their latest into control products, the CueCore. The CueCore is a stand-alone lighting controller. The device is completely solid-state, with no moving parts; it is an extremely secure and low-maintenance installation control solution that has only a minimal power consumption.

All operating and programming is done through its dynamic and rich, web 2.0 interface. Connected to a browser, the CueCore unfolds itself into a 1024 channel lighting controller, complete with an industry-standard command-line interface.

CueCore features a powerful Show Control logic for advanced system integration.  This allows for interaction with other types of equipment and controllers.  The Show Control editor enables you to program triggers and actions based on events from scheduled dates or times, GPI or any other incoming signal. The Show Control editor also allows for powerful protocol conversions between any physical port, like DMX or MIDI and Ethernet based protocols. CueCore also features a DMX recorder with a capacity for storing 16 individual tracks. Each track has 1024 channels and is compressed for maximum duration. Multiple tracks can be played back, each with individual master levels.

For full technical details of the CueCore please visit:  Hall 11.0 A69 or