ETC Releases New Beta Software – PixelToy

ETC Recently announced the release of some new software that one of their awesome developers came up with for their internal “Innovation Quest” called pixelToy.  The software  creates dynamic pixel mapped content in real time. Basically, pixel mapping without stock content.  The goal was to create an intuitive, touch-screen-friendly interface.  The entire application has no text and everything is drag-n-drop.  It outputs both video (for projectors) and streaming ACN.  All of the effects are rendered in OpenGL and gives everything an organic feel.  The best part is that all of the effects are plugins loaded when the application starts.  Included is documentation and many samples of code for anyone to write their own plugins.

pixelToy is only available on the PC… for the moment. The software is free and is BETA.  ETC is looking for users to try it out and report back what they think.  You can learn more and download pixelToy from ETC’s wikipages.