Did You Miss LDI2013 and/or Us?


Say WHAAAAAA. Yes, after over half a year from posting here, there is FINALLY a new post on iSquint! I want to say thanks to everyone that wrote, tweeted, facebooked and so on about the love of the site and the vast hole it left in everyone’s day. I didn’t mean to leave you Argentina… There are only so many hours in a day and while #SleepIsForTheWeak, the body cannot function without it for so long. Then of course there is family time, beer-thirty and those gigs now and then. In the end, something has to give and the site was one of them.

Ok, enough excesses. What have we missed? #LDI2013!!!

That’s right, the largest show in the US for the entertainment technology industry just took place at the end of December.  Where you there?  If not, no worries, PLENTY of our good friends and companies were there and got the skinny on the new stuff. Yes, I was there and busy as all get out covering the show for my day job over at PLSN. Let’s start there.


First, the 2013 LDI Show Report. All of the latest news, product releases and happenings from the show floor. Right in one place. Don’t like to read? Want to see new toys and gadgets? ME TOO! Check out all of the videos from the show floor on PLSNtv. Wanna know who took home the Parnelli Awards this year?  PLSN has a complete wrap up here as well as a full write up with images here.

Stage Direction Magazine

PLSN’s sister magazine, Stage Directions was on hand at the show with Editor Jacob Coakley leading the charge and getting news and announcements from the floor. Stage Directions dedicated an entire section of their site to reporting on the show before, during and past the three days in Vegas. Check out all of the news reports over on Stage Directions website.


You’re visual too huh? Sure, we can talk your ear off about what was there, but words can carry only so much weight.  PRETTY PICTURES! Jim has a bunch of photos that he took while on the floor, around Vegas and at the Parnelli Awards.  Yes, there are a couple of me in there some where. Glad to hear Jim got his 20+ karma hugs in!

Barbizon Lighting Company

During all of the major trade shows that Barbizon attends, they have their staff take turns and hunt around the show floor to report back to their customers about what they saw.  I’ll admit it, kinda jealous there. They typically have 5 or more people available to cover the show, then there is just little old me. Still, a nice wrap up on what they saw.

Live Design

Live Design Magazine, the guys that put on LDI have reports of new products at the show as well.  Though it is beginning to get a bit difficult to get some content over there with the announcement of no more print edition, only the tablet and digital edition and the subscription based web site.  Though, with a bit of searching, you can find all of the new product announcements.


If you are not a big tweeter, no problem, you can still check out some of the comedy, tragedy and instagram photos taken while at LDI.  The thing to do is search for the harhtag.  The thing is, no one EVER agrees on one singular hashtag for the show. Ask me, it should be #LDI2013. Though some were just using #LDI. Use the second one and you’ll find tweets from past years as well.