GLP’s JDC1 New Moto: Be Aggressive, Be, Be Aggressive

Remember back in high school, being at a football or basketball game when the cheerleaders would chant, Be Aggressive, Be, Be, Aggressive? That is what the new mode for the GLP JDC1 Strobe reminds me of. As if the JDC1 wasn’t bright enough, GLP made available a software update that takes the strobe to MAX POWER.

The new mode, Aggressive, increases output by 180% when the RGB color plates are not being used. Is any one else’s eyes starting to water just thinking about that?

Here is Aggressive Mode explained by GLP:

The new JDC1 software version (1.71) comes with a new feature: The Aggressive Mode!This new mode enables a significant increase to the flash output for all existing JDC1 units in the market.In ‘Aggressive Mode’, the flash rate and duration are controlled as in normal flash mode. However, if the intensity on the RGB plates is below 100%, the extra available power is now pushed to the white beam LED’s in the tube section of the fixture.This gives an even more powerful beam flash than in the other flash modes, approx. twice as bright!In this mode, if the RGB plate LED’s are at zero intensity, it will give maximum beam flash intensity. If you increase the RGB plate output, the beam intensity will be balanced to give the best performance from the available power of the fixture. If you set the RGB plate intensity to maximum on all three colors, the beam output will be the same as in normal flash mode.

To learn more about the Aggressive mode for the JDC1, visit GLP’s website at