An Industry That Listens: Rosco Strobist Collection

Strobist Collection Beauty ShotWe received an interesting email from Rosco Labs marketing department about a new gel kit that they have put together called The Rosco Strobist Collection. The Rosco Strobist Collection is an assortment of standard gel colors and correction gels that photographers and lighting professionals use on a regular bases.  What is unique about the Rosco Strobist Collection is that the gels are cut to fit in front of standard photography flashes to help correct the flashes color temperature to the light source.

What makes this product stand out is the fact that a photographer, David Hobby, who runs a blog called wrote an article about how to contact Rosco Labs to obtain a free gel swatch book and yank out the color corrections that a photographer may need in order to correct the color temperature of their flash.  Rosco labs was overwhelmed with request from readers of the for free swatch books.  From there, Rosco Labs and David Hobby worked together to create the Strobist Collection of gels.  You can read about how David and Rosco worked together to create the collection at

What we find interesting about this product is how an individual found a unique use of a current product and how the manufacture listened to what the community was using it to develop a new product based on the end users requirements.  It just proves that manufacturers listen to what we have to say and how we can work together to make are lives easier.

The Rosco Strobist Collection of gels is a package of 55 different gel colors with varies shades and colors.  With a retail price of only $9.95, the Rosco Strobist Collection is a good investment for photographers.  For more information on the Rosco Strobist Collection or to locate a Rosco dealer near you, visit